Guide Holiday - July 2013

We teamed up with 3rd Cam Guides, plus we grabbed a Senior and a 1st Cam Guide, and went to Cranham Scout Centre, near Painswick. Lin was running the holiday for the first time and being tested and she did a fantastic job. The girls did loads of exciting activities and completed their Confectioner badge as well. Here are a few pictures from the week.

Saturday afternoon - Dam building (any excuse to get wet and muddy!!)

<-- wrapping up the plastered broken leg so she can join in, sort of!

Sunday morning - Crafts

Sunday afternoon - Fun in the park

Sunday afternoon - Water fun (another excuse to get wet)

Sunday evening - Bin Bag Fashion

The winners being presented
And the Quiz Walk winners

Monday morning - Making cakes & biscuits

Monday afternoon - The Challenge Course (Yet another excuse to get wet & muddy!!!)

All was fairly normal, having some fun on the course and generally getting a bit wet, until the Senior Guides decided it was time to do a forwards roll out of the tunnel right into the puddle!!!! Almost all of the girls had had a go by the end of the session!

Monday evening - Decorating our cakes & biscuits

Tuesday morning - Making Pizzas

Tuesday morning - Crossbow Challenge

Tuesday afternoon - Making sweets & boxes & decorating our banner

Tuesday afternoon - An added bonus, the Scouts camping up the field let the girls have a go on the monkey bridge they'd built pioneering

Tuesday evening - Campfire with everyone on the site

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